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Bracelet Silver & Golden Rotie

Made In: India
Sku/Item #: 1057
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Bracelet Silver & Golden Rotie

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    Jewelry > Earrings > Silver and Golden Rotie Bracelet PK: silver and golden rotie bracelet LT: golden rotie bracelet, rotie bracelet 58. Silver and Golden Rotie Bracelet Turn any occasion into a festive one with this silver and golden rotie bracelet. Each golden rotie stone is finely threaded with marbling, making each stone unique. Dimensions: Features: • High-gloss silver chain bracelet • Seven uniquely marbled rotie stones • Lobster claw clasp keeps bracelet snug Made by: Silver Line Made in: India SKU: 1057 Price: About This Item It’s hard to think of anything women love more than jewelry. This light-catching silver and golden rotie bracelet features seven distinctive roties in a shimmering silver setting chain bracelet. Your wrist will be drenched in golden light and will reflect the sun and other light sources. Be the bell of the ball at any occasion and turn heads left and right with this stunning golden rotie bracelet. It’s a bracelet that you’ll want to keep in your collection and will treasure for years to come. If you are a lover of jewels, this rotie bracelet can complement any collection. Pair it with jeans or formal wear to show the world you’re exquisite taste in accessories.

  • Where It Was Made

    Just like the Pink City - Jaipur, Delhi is also known for its fine jewelery and silver workmapship.  This piece was hand crafted in Delhi.

  • Who It Was Made By

    The Artisan accomplishes much through his partnership with Aisra, which enables him to continue buying the raw materials needed to create his handcrafted jewelry while doing his part to preserve the cultural arts.