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Silver and Amethyst Chain Bracelet

Made In: India
Sku/Item #: SL-1056
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• Polished silver chain bracelet

• Both pale amethyst and deep rich amethyst stones

• Lobster claw clasp keeps bracelet intact

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    The ancient Greeks believed wearing the amethyst stone could keep a drinking man sober! While we are not 100% sure of these claims, we do know this silver and amethyst chain bracelet can have an intoxicating effect on all who wear it. If you look closely at the bracelet detail, you will notice a deep purple, large, circular stone is followed by a smaller lavender stone to make for a stunningly beautiful pattern circling your wrist, set in an airy—but sturdy—polished silver. There are fifteen stones total in this amethyst bracelet. One of the nice things about amethyst is its versatility. It blends in beautifully for just about any occasion—day or night. It’s as equally appropriate with work attire as it is when you’re dancing the night away at some elegant soiree. This silver and amethyst chain bracelet can be a welcome addition to your jewelry collection.

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    Artisans from all over India come to Delhi to share their craft which they have learned through generations of training. This bracelete and other pieces of jewelry are handmade by them.  They finds serenity in their work and with Aisra, enabling them to reach a higher status and giving back to her clients looking to add vibrant color and sparkle to their lives with original hand-crafted pieces.