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Silver Citrine Dangling Earrings

Made In: India
Sku/Item #: 1016
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Silver, citrine long earrings

Perfect for a dinenr date

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    Jewelry > Earrings > Silver and Citrine Drop Earrings PK: silver and citrine drop earrings LT: citrine drop earrings, silver and citrine drop earrings 17 Silver and Citrine Drop Earrings These delicate silver and citrine drop earrings hold two stones, one at the top center, encased in silver—and another that drops from the bottom, dangling from a silver coiled rope like an upside-down flower. Dimensions: Features: • Translucent amber citrine and lighter pale yellow citrine gemstones • Feminine braided silver rope chain drops amber-tone citrine • Butterfly clasp securely affixes earrings to ears About This Item The design of these silver and citrine drop earrings is ultra-feminine and sure to pair excellently with all manner of makeup, outfit and mood. You can wear anything from flowy daisy print shirts to conservative black turtlenecks to women’s tailored sits—the point is, with this pair of earrings, no outfit should ever clash, nor should any article of clothing even slightly challenge them. Check all of the following that describe you: you like simple, understated fashion and accessories that are classic and timeless. You don’t necessarily like to flaunt what you wear. You prefer instead to make a statement with a “less is more” approach. And finally, you understand not all citrine drop earrings were created equally, and you’re determined to find the pair that offers the most value and quality. If all of the above describes you, you can probably add one more characterization: you find pieces that were made by hand much more attractive than those that were mass assembly manufactured. If this is you again, we encourage you to go ahead and order our silver and citrine drop earrings before someone else scoops them up.

  • Where It Was Made

    This lovely piece was made in beautiful city called Jaipur!

  • Who It Was Made By

    The silversmiths, jewelry makers and artisans, Yash takes pride in his individual handmade pieces and is inventive in creating quality pieces where no two pieces are the same.