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Silver and Peridot Ring

Made In: India
Sku/Item #: 1069
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size 8- peridot silver and peridot

9 Peridot stones - the perfect summer green 

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    Jewelry > Earrings > Peridot Multi-Circle Design Silver Ring PK: Peridot Multi-Circle Design Silver Ring LT: Peridot ring 70. Peridot Multi-Circle Design Silver Ring We can see how quickly the transparent peridot multi-circle silver ring can become a girl’s best friend. Dimensions: Size 8 Features: • Peridot and silver blend seamlessly together • Nine gorgeous peridot gemstones • Vibrant, polished silver solid ring base About This Item This is the ring for peridot lovers around the world. Our peridot multi-circle silver ring includes nine peridot stones set in three columns of three each, with the center column’s stones being the largest. There is something about the flawless blend of silver and peridot that make a winning combination. Greenish-yellow stones cast a brilliant light against the shine of polished silver. The transparent characteristics make it a favorite among gemstone aficionado’s, as well as crystal lovers. A peridot ring like this is a must-have if you love peridots and want a ring no one else has. Once you order the peridot multi-circle silver ring, we assure you, you’ll fall in love fast, and you won’t want to ever take it off.

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    The artisan, highly regards his collaborative efforts with Aisra and has a renewed outlook on the ability to connect with so many, and enjoys his participation in a sustainable global market place.